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& Coffee Martinis

International Best Seller!

Cappuccino Cocktails & Coffee Martinis is the FIRST-of its kind tribute to the world's '2.25 billion cup-per-day' lifestyle. First written for restaurants and now written for ALL coffee lovers.   The International Bestseller is brimful with over 100 simple money-saving recipes and easy methods to brew gourmet results - including the world's new brewing beverage: The Coffee Martini! This coffee book is a first-class, complete coffee-table reference guide and perfect year-round gift for all coffee lovers, coffee bartenders all over the world!

Along with great recipes, this volume contains coffee tips & trivia, java jokes, coffee quotes and 14 delectable full-color illustrations.

"Cappuccino Cocktails & Coffee Martinis " is the perfect gift for all coffee lovers, from espresso enthusiasts to coffee connoisseurs.

"Like their cousins the bartenders, "Baristas" practice an art of endless expression. Susan Zimmer has done a wonderful job of presenting both the classics and the cutting edge of abstract Espresso-ism!
~ Specialty Coffee Association of America

"A grand coffee lovers cookbook/comprehensive, thorough guide for understanding, preparation and coffee enjoyment- an adventure in coffee culinary creations."
~ Coffee Association of Canada

"The ultimate coffee resource book/all day companion - no coffee connoisseur should be without one. Brimful of facts, recipes, trivia."
~ The Calgary Sun

"Cappuccino Cocktails & Coffee Martinis "
is an attractive perfect bound book that stacks beautifully in your free-standing Innovated Products fixture.  Volumes may also be racked on spinners or in dump bins by your in-line displays.  Ask us for merchandising suggestions that fit your unique layout and order your stock TODAY!

Item # BK-CC-01 (4500)
Dimensions: 7" W x .5" D x 10" H



Cafe Haiku Book

Like a biscotti for the mind

Cafe Haiku awaits your nibble. Meditatively, it sits zazen on counters, shelves,
coffee tables, and even on bare walls, where many devotees have hung prints
from the book. To place Cafe Haiku in your shrine to mental stimulation

Item # BK-CH-02 (4501)
Dimensions: 6.5" W x .375" D x 6.5 " H

Self Help by Me

Our two new visual journals offer instant inspiration and end fear of the 'blank'.
Write down your thoughts and keep them forever.

Item # BK-SH-03 (4502)
Dimensions: 6.75" W x .5" D x 6.75 " H

Wishful Thinking by Me

Our two new visual journals offer instant inspiration and end fear of the 'blank'.
Write down your thoughts and keep them forever.

Item # BK-WT-04 (4503)
Dimensions: 6.75" W x .5" D x 6.75 " H

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